Four Easy Steps to Get Your REAP Grant Started

Buckingham Grants™ puts Rural Energy of American Programs (REAP) grants at your fingertips. Defy the limits and empower yourself to change the world.

Step 1: Contact Buckingham Grants™

To initiate the grant writing process, reach out to us sooner than later. You can contact us either by phone or by the form below, to express your interest in applying for a government grant through™ services. They will provide you with further instructions and guide you through the process.

Contact Us through our Contact Form,

Or, Call us at 515-650-9936.

Step 2: Review and Sign Application Forms and Gather Required Documentation.

Once you get introduced to each other, we will supply you with the necessary Buckingham Grants™ application and Federal Forms for the grant application. These forms require your signature. Additionally, they will share a checklist of required documentation specific to your USDA REAP grants project criteria. You will receive the checklist via email or in hard copy format at your provided address. [Let’s go digital – it is safer!] Review the checklist we provide you carefully and compile all the requested documentation.

If your project is related to Renewable Energy, skip to Step 3A. If your project involves Energy Efficiency, proceed to Step 3B.

Step 3A: Renewable Energy Systems (RES) Grant Project

If your project involves Renewable Energy Systems, Buckingham Grants™ will require additional information from your chosen vendor. Once you provide the vendor’s information to Buckingham Grants™, they will contact the vendor directly to obtain the necessary details for your project. Ensure you provide accurate and up-to-date information about your vendor to facilitate this process. If your Energy project grant is over $200,000 or is combined with an Energy Efficiency Improvements (EEI) grant you will need an Energy Efficiency Audit. This will be a separate third-party service. We will point you in the right direction.

Step 3B: Energy Efficiency Improvements (EEI) and Energy Efficiency Audit

If your project is focused specifically on Energy Efficiency Improvements, you need to contact an Energy Auditor who can conduct an Energy Audit. Worry not, we guide the way. The Energy Audit will compare your existing energy system with the proposed new system(s). The findings from the Energy Audit will be included in your grant application. You can request the contact information for list of Energy Auditors from Buckingham Grants™ and you can coordinate with the auditor to schedule the Energy Audit. Please note that a Energy Audit is separate from Buckingham Grants™ services.

Step 4: Return Documentation

Once you have signed the federal forms and compiled all the required documentation, you can submit them to Buckingham Grants™ for completion of the grant application. You have multiple options for submitting your documentation: you can scan and email it, send a hard copy via mail, or fax it to their office. Choose the method that is most convenient for you and ensure that all the necessary documents are included.

After a meticulous review process and communication with you, Buckingham Confab LLC will handle the finalization and submission of the grant application to the USDA on your behalf.

Let’s get in touch

If you’d like to get in touch with me, please feel free to give me a call: (515) 650-9936, or send a message with the form down below. Either way, we will be in touch soon!