At Buckingham Grants™ We Write Grants for the Rural Energy for America Programs (REAP).

Defy the limits and be empowered to change the world.

At Buckingham Grants™ our primary objective is guiding rural and agricultural Americans’ toward maximize the benefits of adopting renewable energy. The Rural Energy for America Programs (REAP) grants fit the bill. Defy the limits and be empowered to change the world.

We provide a wide array of customized services to cater to our clients’ unique needs and objectives. Our dedicated team specializes in grant writing, project management, and ensuring that our clients receive comprehensive assistance throughout their Energy Grant journey. We are passionate about empowering you to unlock the full potential of renewable energy.

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Owner Ray Holbrook is committed to empowering rural businesses toward new energy technology and succeed in producing energy along side their crops and livestock. The USDA has invested America’s hard earned monies into doing just that – through the Rural Energy for America Programs (REAP) Grants.

Grant Writing Source

Buckingham Grants™ write REAP grants provides rural business opportunities toward producing their own energy. Now rural businesses can take advantage of


Meticulous attention to detail and processes puts Buckingham Grants™ in a unique position to provide agricultural producers the opportunity to capitalize on their energy needs through REAP Grants.


Buckingham Grants™ has the fortitude to fight for access for both small and large rural businesses especially in distressed rural communities to bringing the best of what we have to offer together.

For the people that have small and large rural businesses.

-Ray (Bill) Holbrook

Rural Energy of America Program (REAP)

At Buckingham Grants™, our objective is to help customers maximize the benefits of the REAP Program energy grants. Defy the limits and be empowered to change the world. Learn More.

Who may apply for REAP Grants and Loan Guarantees Programs?

Agricultural Producers­ – An entity directly engaged in production of agricultural products where at least 50 percent of their gross income coming from agricultural operations. And;

Rural Small businesses­ – Must be in eligible rural areas and one of the following:

Private for-profit entity (sole Proprietorship, Partnership, or Corporation) Read more about eligibility.

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