About Buckingham Grants™

At Buckingham Grants™ our objective is guiding the rural business communities toward the benefits of adopting renewable energy. Right now, the Rural Energy for America Programs (REAP) grants offers up to 50% of renewable energy project costs. We are here to guide the way and help you achieve your dreams.

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that ultimately do.”

We want to guide others toward defying the limits and become empowered to change the world. We want people to avoid losing the opportunity, and dramatically reduce energy costs. We want to guide and contribute to doing everything that can be done to make our environment better for the future. It is time to modernize rural businesses so they can produce energy alongside their crops and livestock.

Raymond (Bill) Holbrook – BKMGrants™ 

Vice President and Owner

Ray is a nationally experienced marketing and design professional with multi-million dollar advertising and project management experience. He has a creative and process mindset and ability to work in demanding and complex environments. Ray says, “I have been looking for something that is challenging and good for our community – for our country.  I have a friend in Des Moines that has really inspired me. He has been in the solar business for over a couple decades. I did Web design and marketing for him over the years. We have done some complex finance and grant analysis on large wind and solar projects, and it was a blast – real rewarding.”

Ray is inspired to help others build their dreams. He said, “I have always talked about doing work that would inspire others to make our world a better place – even if it is one project at a time.”

Here is a bit of Ray’s Experience:

  • Ray worked with his multi-generational family’s timber/logging business as a child. His Grandfather and Father both firmly introduced him to the importance of contracts, (at six and seven years old) and the art of working with people. Conservation and selective cutting to enrich local forests. Ray said, “I almost went into the Forestry Service and Conservation, but life dealt a few wonderful twists and turns. I still love the woods!”
  • Ray is also a fine artist that paints in watercolor and oils since his youth. With a heart for meticulous detail and ‘the science and art of eye appeal.’
  • A major media pictorial artist in the billboard business. He saw the field transition from hand-craftsmanship to the digital age within the advertising community.
  • A national level art director and project manager for a Chicago based multi-periodical magazine company, creating, and managing multi million-dollar projects in the USA and UK every 3-5 days for over three years.
  • A self-employed freelance art director, market analysis, and designer for over 25 years,
    • Worked on national industrial design, package design and various brand projects.
    • Design and management of diamond business marketing and security assets.
    • Various startup companies building brands, ID package design and asset design for companies like Gateway™, Visio™, SanDisk™, Sue Bee™ Honey Ale Co., Health Care Providers, Real Estate Developers, and more.
    • Participated in writing multi-million dollar HUD Housing tax credit grant projects. Writing both large and small grants. Winning 100% of the projects he worked on.

Ray has the experience to handle the complexities and demands of writing effective grants. Ray said, “I have enjoyed narrowing down my interests, and focus on doing one thing great. Grants! It’s a life saver, not just for me but for the rural community too. To be part of renewable energy and bio-projects revolution that cleans up the environment is rewarding.”

For the immediate time being, Ray is focusing on the USDA 1$-2$ Billion Rural Energy for America Programs (REAP) grants to get it into the hands of Rural America businesses. For the next 18 months ( and maybe to three years Rural producers have a tremendous opportunity to produce energy alongside the modernization and production of crops and livestock. This is an awesome chance to defy the limits and change the world.

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that ultimately do.”

Ask us if we can do it, invariably the answer will be – Yes?